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He hugs her shoulders, and she dissolves into his kiss. From the pleasure he kisses her neck and chest. The girl begins to breathe loudly and deeply. She is next to him, only his girlfriend. He closes his eyes and smiles at the fact that he feels as gently she took his penis in her hands and put it in her mouth. It turned out to be so warm and humid, and her lips were so puffy and tender that the man completely blushed and all reddened. Lust captured them both and he began to rampantly move his hips fucking her mouth. His penis pulsed there inside and mouth and beat against the walls of his cheeks. Girls were difficult to breathe and even drops of tears came from her eyes. The man was completely relaxed. She held his hands to her hips and quickly moved her head. His cock then disappeared and then hid.


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She sucked him so deeply that one of the eggs remained outside, all of his bolt was deep in the throat.


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